iPhone People Talking Pixel 2

The Pixel is by far the best phone I’ve ever had. But despite all its clear merits, it’s hard to convince iPhone users to make the switch. To launch Pixel 2, Google wanted to find a way to showcase the experiences of real people who made the leap from iPhone.

We ran an experiment at Google Creative Lab which put Pixel in the hands of iPhone users for two weeks. We then interviewed them to find the natural, non-techy ways they talked about their phones and used their words to create nine short films, created by nine different animators.


The short form animated films were featured on the Google UK YouTube channel to help inspire people who were thinking of switching to Pixel 2.


I spent five months working on the creative for this project while freelance at Google Creative Lab. Sadly didn’t get to complete the final delivery as I joined Phantom as the project was in production. I did however get to keep my Pixel, and join the team to celebrate two well-deserved pencils at the D&AD Awards.

Agency: Google Creative Lab

Creative Director: Steve Vranakis

Creative Leads: Kristen Lewis, David Bruno

Creatives: Hana Tanimura, Lisa Berenson

Team Lead: Jayme Goldstein

Producers: Emma Williamson, Susie Redfern

Production Company: Anyways Creative

D&AD Award x 2