NSynth Super

This was an incredible project to be a part of: an innovative new synthesizer made possible by machine learning.

Google Creative Lab created the instrument to put the NSynth algorithm in the hands of musicians. The goal? See what kind of strange new music artists would be inspired to make with hundreds of thousands of previously impossible sounds at their fingertips. Cool.


My role was to craft the narrative around the project, and help promote it to musicians and record labels who could help us get our story out into the world. This included storytelling and creative for internal films, pitch materials and copy to be used across blog posts, PR and the final campaign film and site.


I spent 5 months on the project, but left just before the final launch to join Phantom (who coincidentally built the NSynth Super site above).

Creative Lab kindly invited me along to the D&AD Awards to collect a Yellow Pencil with the rest of the NSynth team - which still sits proudly on my desk.


Agency: Google Creative Lab

Creative Director: Steve Vranakis

Creative Leads: João Wilbert / Tom Seymour

Design Lead: Mary Leonard

Creative Copywriters: Lisa Berenson / Justin Lee

Creative Technologist: Zebedee Pedersen

Product Designer: Axel Bluhme

Team Lead: Neta Gull

Producers: Karen Slade / Alejandra Ravassa / Susie Redfern