Looking Beyond with Google Partners

Google Partners wanted to send a unique DM to agencies to inspire them with insights about the future of advertising. The problem? Digital advertising moves so fast that anything we printed would become out-of-date before the ink dried.

We created an industry-first guidebook to the future that uses augmented reality and live data visualisation to allow readers to ‘look beyond’ the printed book, and reveal the future as it happens.


The limited-edition DM arrived vacuum packed, with the embossed title viewable through the silver foil packaging.


Charts and graphs update in real-time every time they are viewed in AR, powered by the Google Trends API. We also created future forecast visualisations to allow our readers to compare yesterday’s printed data with expert predictions about tomorrow.


Each recipient agency was given a unique URL that personalised their AR experience on our mobile app.


Agency: Phantom

Client: Google Partners

Creative Director: Jamie Nicholl

Creative Lead: Lisa Berenson

Design Lead: Marco Grimaldi

Art Director: Josh Denton

Dev: Max Krawiec