Google Arts & Culture - Grand Tour of Italy

Google Arts & Culture wanted to celebrate Italian culture, and show how the innovations of the past continue to have a lasting impact on the world.

The Grand Tour of Italy recreates an 18th century tradition of travel and discovery for the modern virtual explorer, so anyone can take a cultural journey through Italian history, art, science and innovation.


My role included copywriting, creative direction, and research for eight short documentaries, including two VR films for Google Cardboard, reimagining the Grand Tour of Italy.


I also researched and wrote the project site - including immersive articles about some of Italy’s fascinating innovations including the plague hospitals of Venice, the world’s first public art museum in Rome, and the thrilling Palio of Siena.


Art for everyone. Visit the full immersive experience on Google Arts & Culture.


Celebrating the end of the plague. Visit the full immersive experience on Google Arts & Culture.


Agency: Google

Creative Director: Andre Le Mesurier

Creative Copywriter: Lisa Berenson

Design: Mike Dorrence

Producer: Alejandra Ravassa